ReMelt Scientific, Inc.

Patented Thermofuge℗ Chip Dryer

Thermofuge Model

ReMelt’s patented Thermofuge℗ is the gold standard for drying and processing nonferrous metal chips with higher metal recovery, lower energy costs and lower operating costs all while having significant environmental regulation advantages.

The United States EPA has determined that EPA regulation 40 CFR Part 63 Subpart RRR does not apply to ReMelt’s Thermofuge℗ saving many hours of complicated state environmental testing and reporting.


  • Energy Efficient – Consumes less than 50% of the energy required to operate a rotary chip dryer or fluidized bed dryer.

  • High Melt Yields – Creates an oxygen reducing atmosphere in the furnace side well further improving metal yield.

  • Improved Plant Environment – Automatically collects smoke/fumes from the furnace chip side well and treats them in an afterburner.

  • Low Operating Costs – Does not require continuous oversight thus reducing labor costs.

  • High Factory Space Utilization – Flexible system layout allows for best utilization of existing factory space.