ReMelt Scientific, Inc.

Rotary Chip Dryers

Rotary dryer

ReMelt’s Rotary Scrap De-Oiling systems have time proven reliability, but have undergone a technology transformation to optimize energy efficiency and further improve metal recovery  while still meeting current EPA regulations 40 CFR Part 63 Subpart RRR for Thermal Dryers

For larger or irregular materials that cannot be Centrifuged, ReMelt’s Rotary De-Oiling System will meet your needs. Materials being processed in a ReMelt Rotary Dryer operate in an controlled oxygen depleted environment and a extended drum cooling zone, reduces oxidation losses thus saving valuable metal. The exterior of the rotary drum has a durable insulated covering significantly increases energy efficiency.

For chip drying see ReMelt’s patented Thermofuge℗ Chip Dryer that provides a process that  does not require adhering to EPA Subpart RRR.