ReMelt Scientific, Inc.

Ingot & Crucible Up-Ender/ Down-Ender

Up-Ender / Down Ender

The Upender/Downender design provides a safe method of laying ingots and crucibles down from the vertical to the horizontal position. 


  • Designed to meet customer ingot and crucible diameter and length requirements.
  • Two (2) self-closing locking bars to safely hold the ingot/crucible in place while lowering to horizontal position. Ingot/crucible will not travel down until the locking bar is in closed position.
  • Frame designed to fit customer lifting devices to unload the ingots/crucibles once in the horizontal position
  • Designed to allow ingot to rest against pointed surfaces to prevent contamination.
  • Hydraulic unit and electrical cabinet traditionally placed on a frame that extends off the back side of the upender, which allows for a simple installation that only requires a single electrical feed.