ReMelt Scientific, Inc.

Coolant Filtration

Coolant Tank Suction Valves

ReMelt’s experience with mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic machining fluids extends into our product designs offering reliable, low-maintenance filtration to keep your machining department operating trouble free. From large 10,000 GPM central coolant collection with multi-stage filtration and return coolant pumping to individual CNC side mounted oil coalescers, ReMelt’s coolant filtration systems will keep your costly coolant clean and free of tramp oils and particulates that reduce tooling life and create product defects.

Our central coolant system combined with our in-floor Shark Fin Conveyors automatically collect turnings and machining fluids directly from the machine cells eliminating the labor intensive, high maintenance under-machine coolant sumps/pump systems with chip conveyors. The central coolant system separates the turnings from the machining fluids and processes the machining fluids in a multi-stage filtration system. Our Coolant Pumping system then automatically delivers the clean coolant back to each machining cell at a desired pressure. ReMelt’s Central Coolant system’s reliability ensures that your machining department has coolant 24/7.